9mm Winchester WRA Brass - 1,000 Count

  • Brand: WRA
  • Product Code: 9MM-1000B
  • Availability: 25


They're back....1,000 count bag, all WRA 9MM cases.  Ready to reload. Purchased at govenment auction, all once fired.

Fully processed and hand inspected, washed, de-primed, swagged primer pocket, full length resized, final stainless steel tumbler wash and dry.
Primer pocket, inside and outside case is shiny clean.

Each one hundredth case is gauged on a Dillon case gauge.
This is Grade A brass with no dents and we have added cases just in case we missed one.

This some great 9 MM Brass, try it and you'll see what i mean.


9mm Luger

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