230 Gr. 45 ACP & 45 ACP Large Primer Combo- 1000 Count

  • Product Code: 230GR45ACPLGPRIMERCOMBO1000
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1,000 45 ACP Large primer, yes there is also a small primer. See it in our small primer listing.Mixed head stamps, range brass, mostly once fired.Ready to reload. Fully processed, sized and primer removed.Hand inspected, stainless steel tumbler wash and dry.Inside and outside case is shiny clean.This is Grade A brass resized with no dents.We add cases just in case we miss one.

1,000 45 230 gr. Ball bullets, 2nd's from a major mfg.. Jacketed not plated. Minor discoloration, not prettiest Iv'e ever seen but shoot well. Don't miss out on some cheap reloading. One time buy, limited quantity. Shipped same day or next business day by priority mail. 20.00 shipping to all 50 states.

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